Arbitrage Robot FX

Arbitrage Robot FX

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"ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" as the name suggests is based on Arbitrage Scalping. ?Arbitrage? - because it compares prices between a few brokers. ?Scalping? - because it takes a few pips profit at a time, usually 1-5 pips per trade. It compares prices of two brokers an opens mostly positive trades as it knows the price movements before they happen, that' s why it' s so successful!

The new version #7 works also with with ECN/STP brokers. You can make unlimited profits and they will never stop you. Quite opposite, they will be happy if you make lots of money. It' s a win-win situation for everybody: the more you trade and win, the happier the brokers and you are.

How is the "ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" different from other EA? Consider this:
1. Most EAs are based on indicators, time-frames, and trends which are very unreliable. It' s pure guessing, that' s why most of them lose. "ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" compares prices in real-time and knows the price movements within the next 2-3 seconds. So it doesn' t need to guess, it knows the price before it opens the trade.
2. Most EAs have very low Take Profit and very high Stop Loss so they can lose much money on one trade. "ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" has very high Take Profit and very low Stop Loss.
3. Most EAs keep trades open for a few hours or days hoping the price goes in their favor, but it usually doesn' t. "ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" keeps the orders open usually for 5-30 seconds and closes them with profits. It doesn' t hope, it knows.
4. Most EAs require high deposit of $5,000 or more and bust it sooner or later. With the "ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT" you can start as low as $100 and grow your profits exponentially; see the accounts on our website how they grow when the Robot trades on them.
5. So you can get a cheap EA for $100, deposit $5,000 and lose almost everything, or you can buy the "ARBITRAGE FX ROBOT", deposit $100 or $250 and make much money very fast. The choice is yours!

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