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Omega Trend EA Forward Test

Omega Trend EA
Robot Name:
Omega Trend EA - version 7.0

Type of Robot:
Trend following


Currency Symbol(s):

Forward Test Broker:
Alpari (UK) Ltd.

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Omega Trend EA is available in the MellyForex Store
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Discussion (2 comments)

  1. On 05/17/2013 at 19:31, pipscalper said:

    This has got off to an impressive start in the forward test. Up 6% in its first week after latching on nicely to the trend.

    Is there any chance of a Monte Carlo on the backtests? :-)

  2. On 07/17/2013 at 18:13, MellyForex Admin said:

    We haven't run a Monte Carlo on the backtest results. We'll try to arrange for one to be carried out.

    We've also been asked about settings that are being used in the forward test. These are the default settings for both currency symbols, with the exception that AutoMM is set to 3.0.

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