Forex Hippo - Expert Advisor Review

The Forex Hippo website consists of yet another long sales letter page. 8O

Forex HippoIt tells the story of Matt Robinson who was fed up with his job, fed up with everyone at work, fed up with losing money and fed up with fraudsters. In fact the poor chap seemed so fed up with his lot in life that I'm quite surprised he didn't top himself.

Instead though, Matt decided to quit the rat race and start selling his Forex Hippo robot which he describes as "The Real Deal". Since becoming Hippo-tised our hero has become a full-time forex trader and now "earns as much money as a doctor". Wow!

Forex Hippo allegedly gulps up profits, so I sincerely hope that it doesn't gulp up any of my money by mistake! Let's try to find out.....

Forex Hippo comes with its own self-installer. The PDF instruction manual is easy to understand. The manual is 23 pages in length, but only its last few pages are of any real relevance, as most of the manual explains how to install MT4 and the Hippo EA.

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Forex Crescendo - Melly's First EA Review

For my first review I thought I'd look at a product which has been around for a year or so now called Forex Crescendo.

Forex CrescendoThe Crescendo website seems to consist of a typical long sales letter suggesting its audience should listen carefully because the vendor is about to give away his best kept trading secret that made a fantastic wedge of dough in under 8 months. Personally, I don't get anything whatsoever from that sort of spiel, but I guess other people must do otherwise vendors wouldn't bother to use that approach.

The Crescendo EA itself comes with its own self-installer which installs the necessary files into the MetaTrader installation folder(s) that you choose. The PDF manual is comprehensive and consists of no fewer than 37 pages, although about 1/3 of those pages are just pre-amble explaining how to use the self-installer which I did think was a bit overkill.

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Why do all Expert Advisors fail?

Why do Expert Advisors Fail?Good question but, for what it's worth, I don't believe that ALL expert advisors do actually fail.

Sure, some commercial robots are just out and out scams. For instance, an unscrupulous vendor might realise that his EA would have blown up an account on a certain day, so he will hardcode any bad dates into the EA to prevent them from taking trades in the strategy tester on those dates.

Unsuspecting buyers will see an equity curve produced by the tester showing a steady rise because it won't have taken any of the fatal trades. Anybody caught by a scam like this risks not only losing the purchase price of the EA, but also the contents of their account when the EA inevitably blows it up at some stage in the future!

In my view, this is just downright deception and such products rightfully need to be exposed for what they are!

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Welcome to Melly's Forex Reviews and Articles Page

Welcome to MellyForex ReviewsAs this is my first article, I thought it probably best if I spent a few moments explaining what I'm trying to achieve here and what the review section is all about.

First and foremost, I'm trying to find out whether the robots that I choose to review are any good. By that, I obviously want to know if they're profitable, but I also want to know if they're going to be reliable long term and I want to know if they're safe. It's all very well finding a robot which doubles your account balance inside of a week but, if it blows up the account in the second week, it's not a lot of use.

So, as part of each of my reviews, I intend to cut through the vendor marketing gobbledegook and discover the truth.

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