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Primeval and Primus Alpha EAs - Expert Advisor Updates

Primeval EAWhen I first put the Primeval EA into forward test, I had already decided that it wasn't an Expert Advisor that I was going to spend time reviewing.

To explain, the EA had already been around for a while and had been well sold. The chances of my review actually generating sufficient fresh sales to cover the time it would take me to prepare a review, therefore, were pretty slim. I had also read stories of the developer being aggressive and abusive to anyone who bad mouthed his product on a public forum and, to be honest, I didn't need the hassle.

Despite not intending to conduct a review, I was nonetheless aware that the Primeval EA was supposed to work profitably. Against that backdrop, I thought it would be a good idea to put a copy of the EA into forward test and to use it as some sort of a benchmark to compare the performance of the latest EAs against this older, more established workhorse. It was to satisfy my own curiosity that I put Primeval into forward test more than anything else.

Anyway, I've had the Primeval EA running now for around four months. During that time it has drifted in and out of profitability but, over the last couple of weeks, it has stormed to the top of my Live Leaderboard in terms of safety, where it has replaced some of the earlier leaders which have struggled throughout July and, in particular, August.

This has meant that I've started to get a few emails enquiring about Primeval because a search of the MellyForex website hasn't provided any real information.

In addition, and because it has been performing well in forward test with low drawdowns, I'm wondering if it might be suitable for use on any of my personal live accounts. Before doing that though, I would need to carry out proper strategy tests and analyse their results in the same way as I do with any other EA that I decide to use live. The EA parameters list includes Martingale options, so I need to ensure that Martingale isn't being applied to any trades, and that any risks being taken by the EA aren't excessive.

Just because it's had a good few weeks on a demo account, regular readers will know that I consider good long term strategy test reports to be very important when deciding whether to run an EA live. If an EA can't withstand a long term backtest, I believe it'll only be a matter of time before it self destructs in a forward test.

I've got a couple of other reviews that I'm currently working on, but I'll aim to get a Primeval EA review onto MellyForex over the coming weeks.

For now though, I can confirm that Primeval version 2.1 is running on the 15-minute charts of 5 symbols, the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD and USDCHF using the EA's default settings on a $5k Alpari demo account.

Primeval's performance can be monitored at MellyForex by clicking here.

My second update concerns the Primus Alpha EA which, as I mentioned in this article, I put into forward test several weeks ago with the intention of conducting a review.

The EA is protected against piracy by an elaborate registration system. When he supplied a review copy, the Primus Alpha developer also provided a serial number and password for me to use. Primus Alpha worked fine for a short while, but the EA failed to login to validate the licence a couple of weeks back. I haven't heard back from the developer since with instructions on how to overcome the problem, so the EA hasn't traded in that time.

Primus Alpha EA Unfortunately therefore, I've had no option other than to remove the EA from its forward test. In addition, my server on which Primus Alpha was running started to experience "Blue Screen Traps" causing it to freeze and reboot unexpectedly two or three times each week while Primus Alpha was installed and running. The server didn't experience these issues before installing Primus Alpha and, since removing the EA, the traps have stopped, so I can't help but wonder if there is an issue with the EA which was causing this problem.

Anyway, if the developer is able to resolve the problems, I'll be happy to try again. I can't do more than that.

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