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Yen Drive Forward Test

Yen Drive
Robot Name:
Yen Drive - version 201

Type of Robot:
Multi-currency basket grid trader

30 minute

Currency Symbol(s):

Forward Test Broker:

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Yen Drive is available in the MellyForex Store
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Discussion (3 comments)

  1. On 09/15/2013 at 13:16, Tony said:

    I'm trying to get a response from the developers of this EA but they are notably slow to respond. My most recent request for an account number change has gone unanswered. Has anyone communicated with them recently?

  2. On 09/27/2013 at 23:49, Mifta said:

    I have been using Drive EAs from a while. These days running Yen Drive, USD Drive and Drive Gold. I noted Yen Drive is a bit more volatile than others.

    I did communicate regarding account change couple of months ago and they did change, I had some correspondenc with them regarding Drive Gold and normally I able to get response in 1-2 days.

    I suggest you send them a reminer and hope you would get a timely response.

  3. On 09/28/2013 at 20:07, Tony said:

    Posting here earlier about my Gold Drive account change was followed shortly after by the requested account change, many thanks to Drive support and, indeed to this forum!
    I'm running both yen drive and gold drive, the former has built up a basket of long and short positions which has tied up nearly 50% of the account for several weeks now. Most of that margin is in Euro-Yen and Sterling-Yen positions which are unlikely to be resolved since these two currencies have strengthened against
    the yen. This EA appears to be very vulnerable to any significant trend. My gold drive account is starting to show a similar feature, however, the scope for margin escalation is more limited in this case.
    While it is possible to set an overall loss limit,at which point all open positions are closed, but being wise after the fact is little consolation.

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