Joker EA Single License

Joker EA Single License

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Unfortunately, in 2012, many of the time-tested strategies for automated trading experienced a serious crash. Yes, the market has changed a lot! Many traders are losing money, and this has led to disappointment. But this is what prompted us to search for a way out of this situation. With this experience, we learned from the mistakes of the past and worked out our strategy. The entire 2012 we were watching the market, looking for new algorithms, tried them in the current situation with historical data. In the end, we managed to find the solution that we started to use in our trading.

Based on this, we have created an advisor "Joker EA", which has already brought us good profit since 2012.

By December 2012 we finally implemented "Joker EA" as a finished commercial product having high benefits for you. In addition to real money it earned during the year, it showed a very high resistance to different market conditions on test results in the past few years! This is very reliable and makes us confident in its steady work in the future!

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