ProFx 2.0

ProFx 2.0

Publisher: Alexander Collins - Trading Software

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ProFx 2.0 is a semi-automated trading strategy (software) for intraday and swing trading. It analyzes the foreign exchange market and provides precise entry and exit signals which are designed to generate maximum profit with minimal risk.

100% rule based Forex strategy

ProFx is a 100% rule based currency trading strategy and provides you with precise trading signals. There is no guesswork. ProFx will continually analyze the Forex market and instantly alert you to these signals, so you can place trades and watch your profit grow.

These alerts are provided on-screen, as well as through SMS and E-Mail notifications.

ProFX works and the facts are there to prove it

Since ProFX was launched in the year 2007, it has returned an average of +800 pips per month, without a single losing month. Plus, according to statistical data collected during live trading from 2007, the risk reward ratio has been an incredible 1.00 to 2.00.

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