Staidforex 3 Licences

Staidforex 3 Licences

Publisher: High Performance Limited

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Trades only on the open of the bar, which protects the EA against market spikes.

Entries, exits and trade management are always based on market conditions. Everything is adapted to the recent
volatility of the market.

The strategy is based on volatility breakout and retracements.

It is not a scalper. Tries to catch medium to large movements.

It has losing periods, sometimes of several days. But the recovery is usually fast.

There are 2 position sizing options to protect your capital: fixed size, percentage of your trading capital.

It doesn' t use unsound position sizing tricks, such as martingale, grid or averaging.

Very good risk to reward. Trades are opened with approx. a 1:2 risk/reward ratio, and usually stop loss and take profit are trailed so that risk/reward ratio goes quickly to 1:5 or even more.

Configured to profit on default settings.

Opens several trades in a week.

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