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Tokyo EA

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- TokyoEA, is an expert designed exclusively for the MetaTrader4 platform.
- Open multiple orders a day and are usually short to medium term.
Includes a comprehensive instruction manual that explains each of the multiple options you can configure to your preference.
Works primarily with GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs.
It is highly recommended to have a clean and updated installation of MetaTrader4, that you must download from your favorite broker.
Not required at any time to use a specific broker. We recommend opening an account in the broker

Axiory, where is our master account.
Default Risk Scaling: 1:1 (1.0 value in expert settings). We strongly recommend not to increase this value to obtain more profit, except as necessary for your type of account.
- TokyoEA, uses hedging strategy . If you are a citizen of USA, please
us, because we have an account specially designed for customers USA.- A team of professional traders are always aware of the open trades.
- So we can say that is an automated system with human control of risk. It' s almost like a managed account, but without paying any commission to the trader.
Prepare to win with TokyoEA system!

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